How to adjust the wiper arm angle?

1. First, turn on the key to the ON position, turn on the wiper, and then turn off the switch and key;

2. Open the dust cover at the root of the wiper arm, and use the corresponding wrench or socket to loosen the screw. It does not need to be completely loosened, as long as it can be rotated;

3. Pull up the wiper blade and shake it gently. After waiting for loosening, place the wiper blade in the position you need, tighten the screws, and cover the dust cover.
First of all, determine the specific situation of the water spray angle of the car. Generally, it is best to deviate from the windshield. (the upper end where the wiper can wipe) so that the driver can get a better view. tool, all you need is a needle. It is recommended that the owner put some glass water before adjusting.

4 The operation procedure is also very simple. When the car owner specifically checks which water spout is crooked, fine-tune the nozzle and give the car owner a little force. Because the small angle has a great influence on the nozzle.

5. Note: When the car owner is fine-tuning, it needs a non-fountain, so it is necessary to add glass water in time. Otherwise, the instrument will alarm.

There are springs in the wiper arms, and the wipers use springs to apply pressure so that the windshield can be cleaned when shaken. But over time, the spring will age and lose its elasticity, then the pressure will become less and the wiper will become dirty. However, if the wiper arm spring is overstressed and the wiper swings hard, an abnormal sound may occur and the motor may be damaged. Unfortunately, however, the wiper arm spring pressure is factory specified and cannot be adjusted by itself. If there is a problem with the wiper, please confirm that the angle is correct, if it is the spring pressure problem, you can replace only the spring, or you can directly replace the scratch arm.

Post time: Apr-29-2022