How can I tell if the wiper motor is broken? What are the signs of a bad wiper motor?

The main manifestations of the bad wiper motor are that the wiper motor has obvious abnormal noise, the operation is not smooth, the motor coil is short-circuited or open, and there may be a burning smell.

The method of judging the damage of the wiper motor is very simple. First, start the car and try to open the hood. If it is not damaged, you can hear the sound of the motor, the sound is more obvious. But if there is no sound and there is a burning smell, it is likely that the motor is damaged. At this time, car owners have to go to the auto repair shop as soon as possible for inspection and maintenance.

But in general, the wiper motor is not easy to be damaged. When we find that the wiper does not move, we should check the wiper fuse for the first time. If it is, it needs to be replaced. But remember to turn off all switches on the car before replacing. The ampere value of the fuse is specified, so don't change the wrong type.

In fact, the wiper does not work, often because the car circuit system is blown to prevent the circuit from being overloaded. Therefore, before judging whether the motor is damaged, you should check the fuse (specifically on the cover). If so, just replace it, but be sure to turn off all switches on your car before doing so.

Replacing wiper motors is not cheap. Car owners learn to judge whether the wiper motor is really burned out, so as not to waste a fortune. Try opening the front cover of the wiper (power on). If it works, you can hear the motor. But if there is no sound and there is a burning smell, it is likely that the motor is damaged.

Wipers are rubber products, which, like other rubber products, will age. If you want it to be used for a long time and scraped clean, it is necessary to carry out the necessary maintenance on a regular basis. The maintenance of the wiper that everyone said is mainly reflected in keeping the position of the wiper clean, avoiding too much dirt on the wiper, and avoiding adulteration. If the wiper is mixed with foreign matter, it will not be clean, which will not only speed up the aging of the wiper strip, but also easily scratch the front windshield.
The correct way is to remove foreign objects and dirt from the wiper strips every time you wash the car or periodically. It is best to wash with water first, and then wipe the wiper strip with a cotton cloth or paper towel, which not only cleans the wiper, but also lasts a long time.

Generally speaking, the life of the wiper blade is about 2 years, and it can be used for 4 years with good maintenance. When a problem is found, it must be replaced in time. The wiper is inexpensive and easy to replace. Reduce the danger of driving in rainy days and ensure the safety of your own driving.

Post time: Apr-29-2022